Thursday, 2 August 2012

Our South Africa Holiday: Only 19 Weeks To Go!

Oh my goodness, I have absolutely no idea where the last few weeks and months have gone to.  I'm still slightly confused as to what I've done over the past 7 days because it seems like Thursday only happened yesterday, and now it's Thursday...again?!

So, in exactly 19 weeks today I turn 31, hop on a plane with my hubby and little girly and zip on over  (well, 2 stop overs involved...bleh!) to our home town of Cape Town, South Africa!  Well, my daughter is British Born and Bred but this is where my husband and I are both from originally.   And yes, before you ask, we are very proud of our six fabulous and incredibly talented athletes who achieved Gold medals recently.

This will be the first time in 9 years that I get to celebrate my birthday at home with my friends as well as share Christmas with my nearest and dearest AND see the New Year in with a select few too.

To say that I am excited is a complete understatement.  I also get to meet my sister's son for the first time.  He will be 18 months old.  I missed his birth, I missed most of his firsts, I missed his 1st birthday but I'll be damned if I am going to miss out on not sharing another Christmas with him and all of the family!

When you live 9,623 km (5,979 miles) away from home you find ways to make sure you keep in touch with family and friends as much as possible.  Although my daughter has met my parents and sister she was only 8 months old at the time.  I speak to my parents regularly and we use Skype to video call but I'm not 100% sure that madam realises that my parents are not an interesting TV show and that they don't live in the computer...

Anyway, we will be spending a glorious couple of weeks in Cape Town with family and close friends.  Hopefully, as my daughter will be older, she will hopefully remember slightly more of this holiday and the special time spent with some of the amazing people that we are lucky to have in our lives, albeit it in a far off beautiful, multi-cultural, vibrant, magical land.

Watch this space for all of the fabulous and exciting things that we plan to do.



  1. Ahh, South African. Hello from a fellow one {Durban}. Hope you enjoyed your trip back :-)

    1. It was lovely thanks! Hopefully back again in January!!!


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