Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review: 23Snaps

Living roughly 11,210 miles away from close family and friends in Cape Town (give or take a few inches), I use social media to share photos and videos of my daughter.  The only hitch is that a large number of these sites are not incredibly private and so I am slightly apprehensive to share more intimate family moments which is a real shame.  

23snaps is a fairly new App on the market and a wonderful discovery too at that.  Basically, clever mommy's and daddy's use this extremely user friendly App to share photos of their wonderful offspring with loving family members and friends both locally and around the globe.  Comments can be left on the media you have chosen to share and if they really want to express themselves they can 'heart' the photo or add a smiley or sad face to show deeper virtual emotions.

To get started, download the App, register with 23Snaps (none of your information is shared with 3rd parties) and then create a profile for you each of your children.  Images and videos are uploaded through the App on your iPad or iPhone to your child's profile and will automatically fall in chronological order on their timeline.  This is wonderful especially when you take a number of snaps of your child and don't always remember the precise date of the magical event.  

If you have a single photo with all of your children in, simply tag each of them individually in the photo and the image will be shared to each of their timelines.  Weight and height milestones can also be recorded.  Get creative by cropping your image, adding filters and choosing from a selection of frames.

Invite family and friends by clicking on Family & Friends in the main menu and either selecting them from your contacts, by email or through Facebook.  Once they receive and accept your invite they will be taken to the 23Snaps website where they can register and will be given the option to download the App if they have an iPhone or iPad. 

Notifications of new photos or videos that you have uploaded are shown in the notification bar in the App or are sent to friends and family by email as you add them or on a daily or weekly basis.  These settings are chosen by your friends or family members on their login page on the 23Snaps website.  

Photos and videos can be added to your camera roll on your iPhone or iPad and there is the option to send the media to other people by email or share it with others on Facebook.

The App is completely free, very user friendly and takes seconds for photos and videos to upload.  It makes sharing your precious family moments extremely quick and simple, so why not give it a try now?



Note:  This is a sponsored post.  All views, however, are the Blogger's own, completely honest and unbiased.

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