Sunday, 5 August 2012

Old School Fisher-Price Rocking Out With ELC

My parents moved from our family home in Cape Town, South Africa to the UK in December 2007.  Sadly they moved back to South Africa in May 2009 but the 16 memorable months that I shared with them were wonderful.  They were here when my husband and I bought our first home and got to see what life was like living in the UK and experience a taste of the culture and country I had been calling home for the 4 years previously.

We grew closer than we had ever been.  Maybe it comes down to maturity on my part but I'm glad that I was given this magical opportunity to really know and appreciate my parents completely.  Don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful (and always have and will be) for all that my parents have done for me.

When my parents moved over (with their 50 million, trillion boxes....okay, 30, I think it was, but it looked like a heck of a lot taking up space in my garage...) they bought across a few of my cookery books, other random things that I had collected over the years and not binned on my various trips back home to S.A. (yes, I'm a hoarder) as well as a collection of books and toys from my childhood and even from my mom's childhood.  Fisher-Price toys, Nancy Drew Books, Sylvanian Families, Diaper Babies, you name it.

My husband was cleaning his bicycle today in one of the dry moments so I sprinted off to the  garage in near record time.  Maybe a PB?!  Anyway, after the first hurdle of getting past the garage door (tricky keys) the end was in sight and new I was moments away from victory.   I clambered over a few boxes (these now belong to my in-laws, not my folks) and finally, I was at the finish line.  My box of childhood toys!  Result!

The box contained my Fisher-Price Fire Station, Play Farm and School House; all toys that I had loved as a child.  I am eternally grateful that my parents saved these wonderful toys, so full of memories, that have withstood myself and my sister as children, a trans-Atlantic trip and 30 years of storage in total.

So, when my daughter went for her nap this afternoon I simply couldn't resist having a quick reunion with my old toys.  I decided to introduce them to the Queen and rest of the Royal ELC family and re-create a recent road race that I'd seen on the telly recently.

My husband still worries for my sanity but you know what, I think he would have been more surprised if I hadn't done something like this!  Fun times I tell you, fun times...


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