Monday, 6 August 2012

Review: The Essential Twitter Guide for Mumpreneurs

Suzannah Butcher is an extremely enterprising woman.  She has been a mumpreneur (mommy entrepreneur) since 2008.  Her latest venture, Work for Mums, is a website aimed at woman who are looking for work or who are currently running their own businesses.  It offers a variety of job opportunities, invaluable resources, extremely useful tips and much more.

Suzannah is no stranger to using social media to promote business and has written a number of articles on how women can use these tools to further their reach, grow their following and ultimately, their business.

In her eBook, The Essential Twitter Guide for Mumpreneurs, Suzannah has broken down the 'thing' that is Twitter into it's most simple format; how to open a Twitter account, what Twitter actually is, how it works and how you can make it work for you and ultimately benefit your business.

If you are anything like me and react well to guides that have pictures and are written without all the unnecessary jargon and fluffy bits, this is the guide for you.  Before you know it you will be Tweeting, Retweeting (RT), tagging, favouriting, following, growing followers and conversing with a large group of people that you would never had the opportunity to otherwise reach.

There are many different Twitter applications and the variety is daunting if you aren't in the know but Suzannah breaks down a few of the most commonly used apps, stating what they actually do so you can make informed decisions as to whether you really need to gown down those routes.  

You are given the confidence to carry on with your newly found Twitter status, encouraging you to push forever onwards and upwards.  By using the techniques mentioned in the eBook you can narrow down your target group of followers far quicker than if you were using Twitter blindly, growing your following at the same time.  

I would have loved to discover this eBook months ago as it would have saved a great deal of time spent fumbling around trying to find my Twitter feet.  I'd recommend this to any mumpreneur Twitter newbies as it is truly an invaluable start to your Twitter presence and the reach and growth of your business.

This guide is available as a PDF eBook at a cost of £5 or in a Kindle version retailing at £4.07.

That's not all!  Readers of my blog can get a 50% discount on the eBook by entering the promotional code ALLINONEMUM. 

Happy Tweeting!


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  1. Mums working from home (also known as 'mumpreneurs') have found that copywriting can be a great opportunity to build a business. Copywriting is great for those with a background in fields such as journalism, public relations and marketing - or even those who have a way with written words.

    1. Yes, I know a number of people who are copywriters. Very creative and talented individuals.


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