Monday, 28 October 2013

The whole world could be my office!

Being a working mum with my own business I sometimes bring work home with me to finish off or catch up on.  Working from home as it's positives as you can do a load of washing in between spreadsheets, emails and phone calls.  It also has its distractions such as getting dinner started early instead of after bedtime madness or trying to be disciplined and avoid not turning on the telly, even if it is just for background noise, and getting caught up in something other than work.

This got me to thinking that wouldn't it just be lovely to sit in a coffee shop or in a park and make that your office for the day?  Maybe even on a beach?  I think I'd be more productive in a busier space and possibly unleash more of my creative side.  One vital piece of equipment needed however, would be a laptop as I use a desktop at home.

In my internet search for a suitable laptop, John Lewis popped up first showing a vast selection of laptops and netbooks.  I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the left hand bar on the web page.  It meant that I could find exactly what I wanted according to my budget, what I would be using the laptop for on a daily basis, screen size and general functionality.  Making my choice would be easy and not as tedious as I thought it would possibly be.

With the ability to compare up to 4 laptops at a time I could see which one was best for me without being bombarded by jargon from a sales person, possibly swaying me away from what I really needed and getting something with extra features that I would simply never use.

All laptops include a 2 year guarantee and have fair returns policy too.  The option to either have the laptop delivered to my door or the choice to pick it up in-store is great because I'm often impatient.   The advice on internet safety for parents was of particular interest to me too.  Not that I want my daughter playing on it but kids these days have a habit of jumping onto these things as quick as a flash and if I can keep the nasties at bay, I'll sure as heck try to do so.

So, all in all, a pretty pleasant experience that left me rather pleased, not flustered and when I do buy a laptop in the future, I know it will suit my pocket too.

Ally x

Note: This is a sponsored post

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