Friday, 25 October 2013

GBBO: worst failures of the first 3 seasons

It's that time of year again, when the crème-de-la-crème of amateur bakers head into the big white tent and bake for Britain, wowing us with their cakes, tarts, pies and bread creations. The Great British Bake Off has given us some glorious successes and spectacular triumphs, but it has also seen some magnificent disasters. When the heat - and the pressure - are on high, even the best bakers can have meltdowns in the kitchen. This season has already seen custard theft and elbowed egg muffins, but what about the failures that came before? From crumbling cakes to sliced fingers, here's our roundup of the Bake Off's top cooking catastrophes.

Dropped Cakes

It's fairly safe to say that all the bakers are particularly keen to impress in the very first episode of the series, but poor Rob Billington fell prey to the kind of kitchen failure we've all had nightmares about when he dropped his sponge on the floor. Like all great cooks, however, Rob managed to salvage his creation, and it was even named as Mary Berry's favourite.

Burned Fingers

When it wasn't the food that was suffering it was the bakers themselves. Season two saw its share of injuries, with Yasmin managing to burn all eight of her fingers in one show. To add insult to injury, she was sent home at the end of the episode, and we're not sure which hurt more.

Collapsing Cakes

James Morton's infamous gingerbread barn was meant to be an architectural masterpiece, but had to be hastily redesigned as a crumbling ruin, complete with spun cobwebs, when the cake began to collapse in on itself. 

Diced Digits

John Waite certainly had his share of baking disasters on season three. He was lucky to avoid elimination in his salt/sugar mix-up of episode one (it's never a good sign when Paul Hollywood spits out your food) but he suffered a more serious kitchen mishap when he sliced his finger open on an electric mixer during a showstopper challenge. John had to withdraw from the final task of the episode, but didn't let the injury get in the way of winning the whole series. 

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