Monday, 8 October 2012

How working mothers can be comfortable yet stylish

Being a mother is one of the most important jobs you can have, and is a rewarding but sometimes tough experience. Mums are on the go from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep and having a full or part time as well doesn’t make things easier. It can feel like you’ve already worked half a day before you even get to work, especially when your morning involves getting children to nursery or school. Work doesn’t finish when you leave your job for the day; there’s always a lot to do once you and the kids are home.
So wouldn’t it make life a lot easier if you could feel really comfortable in your workwear? Office wear can be stifling, especially if you feel you have to wear restrictive trouser suits and high heels to be taken seriously. But when time is of the essence and there are errands to be completed, you might not always have the chance to get changed. So to make life easier, instead of wearing work clothes that are uncomfortable and restrictive, choose style options which help you look professional whilst still being able to run around after your little ones!


Whilst trouser suits can be uncomfortable, they undoubtedly look smart. They also provide more versatility for women who do not want to wear skirts. However, trouser suits can often end up being ill-fitting which will be even more uncomfortable and you may lose that professional edge. A good alternative is lose the suit jackets and just wear a pair of smart trousers and a sophisticated blouse. Depending on the time of year will depend on what materials you go for, depending if you want to warm up or cool down. However there will always be a lot of choice regardless of the season. A statement blouse will mean your outfit will look complete without a jacket, and will help you feel less restricted.


Shoes always seem to be the hardest part of an outfit to get right, style and comfort-wise. I think this is even harder when you’re looking for shoes to wear to work. Some women may feel that high heels are the way to go when it comes to looking professional, but that’s not always the most practical option – especially when it comes to running round after kids. Even carrying a spare pair of shoes around with you can be a pain, especially if you have to get public transport – rush hour is bad enough as it is without dragging round a heavy bag. Look into investing a pair of work shoes that are comfortable and professional – from flat shoes to mid-height heels, there is a lot of choice available out there. 

Changing what you wear to work so you will be more comfortable will help you when you need to change back in to mum mode once you leave the office. A massive spending spree for new clothes won’t necessary (unless you want to have a splurge!) but making a few tweaks to your wardrobe will not only help you feel comfortable but also more confident – making life as a working mother a little bit easier.

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