Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Who would have thought that one day I would find a trip to Mothercare to be exciting?! It's a magical place, full of gorgeous, adorable baby clothes, toys, gadgets and gizmos and things that I just (not really) have to have!

That said, I ended up buying two new dummies, two new bottles with size two teats, a ridiculously expensive umbrella which almost cost the same as my second hand buggy, a sippy cup for the hot holiday in a few weeks and three books. The books were on 3 for 2 which is one thing that I LOVE about the UK. I am a complete sucker for these so called bargains and they get me everyone time. The taggie book, other crinkly one and Baby Einstein one are wonderful though and I'm sure that Bella will love them one day. In the meanwhile I have seen a few activity centres which I now must have so think I shall be doing a bit of eBay surfing later on this eve.

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