Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fun in the sun

We are off on a family holiday shortly and I am hoping that I know what to pack for baby. I'll just chuck in a few bits for myself when I get a chance but I feel like I am taking an entire case just for Bella! What are your top five bits that you would take with to a foreign country where the temperature will be in the high 20's?


  1. SUNSCREEN! That's all that I can think of to be honest. Us as mothers ALWAYS over pack for our little ones :) So sunscreen and liquids and snacks! Oh and a hat! And her favourite toy :) xxx

  2. - Sensitive Cream for dry skin and baby oil: skin might get very dry;
    - Sun hat with elastic that goes around the chin;
    - Medicines: Karvol,Panado,Teething gel or powder;
    - Sunscreen for babies;
    - Lots of love from Mommy and Daddy!! :)))

  3. 1. Medicine.

    2. Baby formula. Fortunately my babies never owned a bottle (they went straight from the breast to cups!), but I think travelling abroad, you might land up not getting the formula baby is used to.

    3. Baby's dummy.

    4. A favourite toy.

    5. Your pram. (AND camera AND wallet to buy all the other summer goodies you couldn't find in the U.K!)

  4. PS: Mark's comment above is actually Tinks!!


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