Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Songs to sing to a 19 week old baby

Okay, so now that I can sing The Grand Old Duke of York and Old MacDonald upside, backwards, in my sleep, etc. what songs do you sing to your babies? I have also started to sing the colours of the rainbow and the abc song. Never to young to learn!

I've got a book of nursery rhymes and have gone through all of those but these two seem to be her favourite. I do have the ELC Old MacDonald hand puppet which probably adds to the appeal of that song and I clap for the Grand Old Duke and do marching actions. I must look a bit odd...well, more odd than usual. I do enjoy every minute though!!


  1. When Joshua was little he loved "If you're happy and you know it" and he still does today. Other good ones, the wheels on the bus, Miss Polly had a dolly and twinkle twinkle! Awww I love singing with my babies, not sure everyone else likes my singing though :) I am sure Bella loves your hun x

  2. I completely forgot about the Miss Polly song!!! Now I have a song to sing with her Lamaze dolly :) I think she is too young to know the difference but soon enough I'll know if she objects! x

  3. Aiden now hums to himself when he is tiered, its the sweetest thing. I have sung I think every little song but his absolute best and only song he will fall a sleep to is ABC of all the songs thats the one he chooses. Incy Wincy Spider he loves when he is eating or a little irratable. Old MacDonald when he is playing but other than those three, he doesnt seem to be bothered about any other.
    He is such a sweet, strange child... had such a strong personality right from birth. Must admit I love every moment I sing to him... probably drive the neighbores mad!! :) xx :)


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