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Review: Protect their skin this summer with Organic Children Sun Lotion!

Hooray, I here you shouting from the roof tops!  The great British summer is finally here!  With temperatures soaring into the high 20's for the next couple of weeks and many families traveling abroad during the school holidays, the first thing that parents and carers should do is invest in a good quality sun lotion for their children.

Organic Children sun lotion has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 25 and offers 96% UVB protection.  It comes out in a thick cream but is very easily absorbed by the skin and is not greasy which I love.  My daughter actually enjoys using it, which is excellent as I normally have to fight her to put on sun lotion.

When to apply and how often to re-apply
Apply 20 minutes before going into the sun and then re-apply every 2 hours.  Always re-apply after your kids have come out of the water.  Although it is water resistant it won't clog little pores because of the beeswax it is made with.  

What it it made with?
A few of the fabulous 81% certified organic ingredients in this sun lotion are organic aloe vera, beeswax and edelweiss.  The ingredients are fairly traded but are not vegan because of the beeswax content.

A few things that you won't find in Organic Children Scent Free Sun Lotion SPF25 are Parabens, alcohol (ethyl alcohol, ethanol), Lanolin, phthalates, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals and colourants to bring you the purest children's sun lotion that nature can offer.

What makes this sun lotion even more special?
Green People support the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), helping to support marine wildlife and at the same time raise awareness around the effects that mainstream sun lotions can have on sea life.  Both MCS and Green People are against the use of chemical ingredients in personal care products and for each organic Scent-Free SPF25 Sun Lotion that is sold, Green People will donate 30p to this extremely worth cause.   

Read more about MCS here and the excellent work that this national UK charity do in raising awareness of the multiple threats our seas face and how we can all help to protect this precious gift for generations to come.

Did you know...
A scary 25% average of sunscreen ingredients that are applied to the skin are released into the water during a 20 minute swim?!

This can have horrific effects on aquatic life such as turning fish into hermaphrodites due to the "gender-bending" chemicals that mimic the effect of oestrogen that are often found in common sunscreens.  

Certain sunscreens promote viral infections in coral reefs, potentially playing a large part in bleaching of coral reefs in areas with low water renewal and strong tourist followings.  Makes you think twice about which brand of sun lotion you pack for that next summer holiday!

What size does it come in and what does it cost?
The recommended retail price (RRP) is £15.95 for a 150ml size tube in both fragrance free and lavender for sensitive skins.  It also comes in a handy 30ml travel-size Children's no scent SPF25 sun lotion (RRP £3.85).

Have safe fun in the sun guys and support a wonderful charity at the same time.


Note: The blogger's was sent this product to review, free of charge.  However, all views are the blogger's own, not bias and completely honest.

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