Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Guest Post: Throw a Picnic Party fit for your little Princess

We often get asked about creative ideas for all sorts of occasions, recently a mum phoned us to see if we could help inspire her with some fun party ideas for her beautiful daughter and friends. She knew she wanted to give it a pretty theme and already had several great ideas. We suggested sack races, face painting and an egg-and-spoon race too. She also planned to borrow a bright pink bouncy castle from a friend. After listening to the things that her daughter liked, we came up with the following and thought we would share this with you too.

By the way – the following is perfect if you are on a budget!

So let’s start with FOOD...

Hot food – we suggested to steer clear of. Why? Its hassle, it requires attention and also with little ones running about it is one less thing to worry about.

We suggested a cold buffet, grazing style, simple foods that children adore and will eat. E.g. plain ham sandwiches, jam sandwiches. Cold fried chicken nibbles...Hassle free, good nutritious food that the little princesses can snack on.

We also felt that watermelon is a must. If you're looking for an easy way to serve fruit to kids, fruit kebabs look and taste amazing. Consider using plastic skewers with rounded tips instead of pointed wooden ones since they're safer for young children.

For dessert... setting up an ice cream cone station where the kids can top their ice cream with sprinkles, cherries and other treats (you might want to offer bowls in case those ice cream cones get a little top heavy.

For drinking fun... creating an Ice cone station where you have a heap of crushed ice at the ready with different types of syrup to choose from. Allowing the children to make their own makes them feel wonderfully grown up too – just need pink/white straws, plastic clear cups, crushed ice and a few different types of colourful and tasty syrup. Fit for a princess for sure!

Picnic Party Decorations

Attention to detail on the decoration is important although you don’t need to go overboard – Tying bright big bows around trees and subtle items dotted around the garden really transforms an everyday garden to a magical princess theme.

Have hidden gems/parcels around the garden that surprise the children when they explore is a really magical touch.

Vital touches that transform an average area to something quite extraordinary and a must decoration are...tablecloths pink preferably plus pink and cream balloons.

Games and Activities

Hold a princess potato-sack (spray painted pink) race and having a princess face-painting table are perfect. We think the pink sack makes this lady like!

Another idea: an apple beanbag toss. First make a bean bag the rough shape of an apple (or just make pink and cream squares and call them Pink lady apples -the kids won't care). Then, cut a tree shape from plywood or another sturdy material. Cut round holes in the tree. Lean it against your house or build support legs behind it. Have the kids take turns seeing how many "apples" they can throw through the holes.

The bean bag toss and other activities could all be part of a back garden “carnival” The guests could go from stand to stand participating in the face painting, bean-bag toss, bouncy castle and other activities. Give them a strip of tickets so they can "pay" their way at the various booths.

Letting off steam with a traditional few whacks at a piñata? Since this is a picnic party, try to make your own villain shaped piñata although you can purchase these quite easily at most supermarkets.

Prizes and party Bags

Party bags/favours, you could give each child a miniature picnic basket box filled with treasures, such as jelly beans, gold and silver chocolate coins.

Tying everything together will make the whole theme realistic and magical, without blowing the budget!

This article was written by The Platter Company, specialists in catering for Kids parties.

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  1. Your post was very interesting to read. I am in love with all these details. My daughter’s 10th birthday is coming and she wants a snow white themed bash so I have just booked some suitable San Francisco venues for this bash. Eagerly waiting for her special day!


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