Monday, 18 February 2013

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Toddler Truth...

My nearly three year old daughter is developing the most wonderful kind and caring nature.  She also has a strong sense of what is right and wrong and has developed the beautiful, although sometimes slightly embarrassing, trait of just saying how it is.

I sometimes wish I could get away with half the things that she says but the need to not tread on toes or get people's backs up is always at the forefront of my mind.  I can spend hours listening to her too because most of the things that she says actually makes so much sense.

I've written down a few of the gems that my daughter has come up with, both so that I never forget them an so that I can share her completely honest and innocent views and put a smile on a few more faces.

Little one's views on my driving...

"Phew! We made it".  

This said after I parked the car outside of her nursery before drop off.  I drive ridiculously carefully with her in the car so I think that this little seed may have been planted by my husband, but nevertheless, I drive even slower!

Little one's views on Mommy and Daddy working...

"Mommy, I miss you" and "Daddy, I miss you".

Said first thing in the morning just after she had climbed out of bed.  She didn't even say good morning to either of us but the smile and huge hug that she gave us when she said it in turn to myself and my husband made my heart smile and sink at the same time.  We are working to provide her with a wonderful life so when we aren't working, it need to make every single family moment as magical and memorable as possible.

Little one's views on surprises...

"Daddy, Mommy bought you chocolates".

Well, there you go honey! Happy Valentine's Day!

Little one's negotiating skills at bedtime...

"Okay, lie with me for just a little bit".

Fair enough.  It's a good middle ground.

Little one's views on whether she should do a task...

"Nooooooo way!" at the extreme or "Yes, please!" if it is agreeable.

Seriously?  You are nearly three, not thirteen, darling.

Little one's reasoning as to why I should sleep in her bed at night...

"Mommy, you are feeling poorly.  You need to come sleep in my bed".

Thanks sweetie, but the last time Mommy checked she was feeling 100%!

Little one on what her Grandfather in South Africa is called...

"No Mommy, it's not Grandpa, that is Oupa!".

About the only Afrikaans word that she knows, but at least it keeps her in touch with her South African roots.

The sheer honesty of it all is so incredibly beautiful and humbling; the fact that a two year old can make you see the world in such a wonderful and untainted way, as it should be.


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