Friday, 1 June 2012

My Baby with her Bjorn

When a friend of mine had her little girl last year I happily gave her my Baby Bjorn as well as one of my little girls bright pink and very padded snow suits.  I completely forgot that I had passed these to her until she reminded me over the weekend and handed them back (in case I ever have number 2?!).

Shortly after we got home my daughter grabbed the Bjorn and started to put it over her shoulders.  Going along with it, I gently helped her adjust the straps and other bits, securing the pouch at the front at the sliding clips and buttons.  It was completely bizarre to see my little one wearing the exact thing that I had used to carry her around roughly 2 years ago when she was a little baba.  

Little one then asked me to get her a baby to carry around in the Bjorn.  Well, not in so many words as that would be amazing, but she did ask for her bear.  It alway sounds far more posh coming from her in her little British accent as opposed to my flat South African drawl.

We fetched the (scary) looking bear from her room, dressing it in the snow suit that she had brought upstairs with her and placed him in the Bjorn.  Et voila!  My baby girl carrying her baby bear in her Baby Bjorn, as happy as pie.

I still can't believe she was wearing it never mind that she even know what it was or how to put it on?!  Growing up so beautifully and almost too quickly.



  1. This is so cute! I just think it's adorable! x

    1. Thanks hun! She was wanting to put it on again this morning when she woke up. My baby is no longer a baby. Time for number 2?!? ;)

  2. That is so cute! Sounds like time for number two and you can go out in your matching slings!


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