Saturday, 30 June 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My daughter loves bees.  Fact.  So much so that I have taped a number of The Hive episodes on my Sky+ and have also bought her The Bee Movie just in case she gets a sudden craving to see her favourite bee friends.   She also attempted to chase a number of bumble bees during the week of British summer thinking that it was friendly little Buzz Bee from the Hive.  The hot weather had made them very lethargic so they were cruising around just above the level of the grass but lucky for them were just fast enough to get out of the reach of a curious toddler.  Too precious for words!

I guess that it all started with the Bugaboo Bee that she zooms around in.  She also has a LittleLife Bee backpack that she adores and so when one of her little friends turned one in June and his mommy chose a party theme of Summer Bugs, I knew EXACTLY what little one would wear.  A bee outfit!!!  She would love it!  

Just about as quickly as I had come up with this fabulously exicting idea, I hopped onto Google and found the absolutely perfect little outfit which amazingly arrived within a day, at no extra delivery charge.  

Something then clicked in my memory and I was transported back to when I was 5 years old.  I had been invited to a friend's birthday party and although I don't remember the theme, I wanted to dress up as a bee.  

My mom made my gorgeous Mya the Bee outfit and I vaguely remember feeling very proud and happy in my little outfit.  

Earlier this week I trawled through my Facebook photos to find a picture that my mom had uploaded a few months ago and eventually found the one of me wearing my little Bee outfit.  Looking at this photo made me realise that my daughter is now looking more like me than my husband, finally.  

Needless to say, my little girl adores her Bee outfit and it is now in her dress up box just waiting for her to put on when she feels like buzzing around like a beautiful little Bee.

A x

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  1. So cute! My kids all LOVED The Bee Movie....saw it about 7 times on a long trip to Australia a few years back!


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