Thursday, 1 September 2011

2 books that I just have to have!!!

1. The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas.

I've only read 2 of her books; Constance and Iris and Ruby. They are 2 of the most beautiful stories that I have ever read. I can remember almost ever detail, from start to end.

I'm reading another book at the moment so didn't buy this today, as I know I'd put it to the side straight away!

2. Aleph by Paulo Coehlo.

Paulo's books have always come into my life at a time when I needed clarity, help or guidance.

I look at every situation in life as something that I can learn from, and this is the way that I read Paulo's novel's. I adore Paulo's writing and it has had a profound change on the way that I view certain aspects of my life as well as my actions, and reactions.

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