Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Top Baby Shower Gifts

When your loved ones are expecting there’s an endless amount of things that they will be trying to remember for when their newborn arrives. They’ll be trying to get a nursery room ready, reading every tip, trick and hint about parenting they can possibly find and making arrangements to take time off work. It’s a wonderful time, but also a stressful one, so when mummy-and-daddy-to-be announce a baby shower you’ve got an opportunity to help them with some of the things that may have escaped their hectic planning. Here are some top gift ideas for things that the parents may have forgotten to get for when their baby is born.

They’ve got the room sorted, the crib is ready and built, but what’s hanging above it to fill their new son or daughter with wonder and joy to help them ease in to a happy sleep? Possibly nothing, so a great mobile with lots of dangly bits of different shapes and textures will be a great gift to give. The floaty rotation mixed with the colours and shapes create a calming effect for a newborn, giving them peaceful rest the benefits of which the new parents are sure to appreciate. Gentle music and soft lights might also be welcome.

While there is no worry at all that your loved ones have forgotten to buy their baby some clothes (hopefully!), what is likely is that they have underestimated the sheer quantity and variety of things to wear a newborn needs. George's range of newborn baby clothes offers a great amount of different garments for little ones with delightful designs. You can help even more here by getting ahead of the game and buying some clothes in sizes a few months down the line. The extra preparation will help take the stress out of a newborn’s first few months when the parents don’t have to rush around so much to keep ahead of their child’s constant growth.

Baby book
Taking tons of snaps, keeping a first lock of hair and writing down your feelings are all great ways for parents to remember their first months with their child. Having somewhere to keep all these things in one place will make this an even more special process for the parents, so buying them a baby book that’s got tons of spaces for pictures as well as writing space for all those emotional thoughts will result in a gift to cherish forever. You may be in trouble when the little one is all grown up and this book gets pulled out in front of their first boyfriend or girlfriend, but in time they’ll learn to love these memories themselves.

Parents-to-be have a lot on their plates and because of this giving them gifts that you’ve put some thought into at their baby shower will be even more appreciated than at a birthday or Christmas. Help your loved one set up a happy life for their new family member by giving an essential item the parents may have overlooked!

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