Thursday, 26 September 2013

Pregnancy Planner: Wonderful new app for parents-to-be

One of the first things I did when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter just over four years ago was search for an app that showed me my baby's development on a weekly basis.  I wanted to know what was happening in each stage and if what I was feeling physically and emotionally was as to be expected.  There were of course apps available at the time but none that combined everything I was looking for all into one.

Pregnancy Planner is a lovely new app that is designed to give you personalised information based on your due date, formulated on your last menstrual period, date of conception or given due date.  You are then shown how many projected weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds you have until meeting your little baby.  

With each passing week the grey heart slowly fills up until it is completely pink.  I think it's a beautiful analogy for a parent's love for their unborn child, which grows steadily with every passing week until the child is born.

Fabulous features of the app:

  • Daily information about your baby's development relating to that particular week, as well as information relating to you and how you may be feeling. 
  • Weekly pictures showing an embryo developing into a full term baby.
  • Tip of the Day: Provides very useful information about baby, you and general pregnancy tips.
  • Information sharing: Click on the grey envelope on certain pages to share page information via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail with family and friends.
  • Baby Names: lets you add your favourites to the My Names section and then remove any that you've discounted to create your own personal Top 10 list.  This should help you narrow it down to the final, perfect one!
  • Tips & Questions: For first-time parents, Pregnancy Planner provides very useful information to every day questions on a wide variety of pregnancy topics, including which foods to avoid, which sports are suitable, advice on common pregnancy health issues, plus travel tips and even advice on sex during pregnancy. 
  • Checklist: Cut through the rather daunting choice of products in the market by quickly checking Pregnancy Planner’s practical checklists of essentials items needed for: hospital, the nursery, feeding (both for breast and bottle), plus other baby items required for the home and out and about in the car.  
  • Shopping list: Create a list of items that you would like for baby and then share it with friends and family that would like to buy something special for the new arrival.

The Pregnancy Planner app for iPhone is now available on the App store, priced £1.49
Ally x

Note: I downloaded the app at no cost in order to look at the various aspects of it and share my opinion with others.  All views are completely my own.

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