Friday, 25 May 2012

Sun, fabulous British sun!

I honestly never thought that I would see the day when I would find a 25 degree Celsius day 'hot'. 

Yesterday my fingers and hands were clammy with the extreme warmth of my office and I was struggling to type at my computer later on in the day.  I couldn't handle the sudden onset of this rather intense heat.  I fear that I have become weak.  Am I now becoming truly British?  How ever shall I survive when I visit my homeland of South Africa in December (that sounds like British and posh, innit?).

I do get sad sometimes when I think about the endless hot days of summer I remember from my childhood growing up in South Africa.  I know we had winter but I seem to have erased that from my memory.  Long, hot gorgeous days that never seemed to end, where we had the beach and outdoors at our disposal.  The beaches that had gorgeous and frighteningly hot white sand that you had to either sprint across, wear flip flops (sandals) or channel your inner hot coal walker in order to get access to the icy cold Cape Town sea water.  I dream about it.  I long for it.  I can almost smell the air just thinking about it.

In my early 20's we would go for sun downers on the beach and go to La Med or other Camps Bay cocktail bars to savour the amazing weather.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good beer garden/gastro pub/drink alongside the river as much as the next person but it just doesn't have the same feel as it does back in SA.  Sitting on the beach whilst sipping an icy cold glass of Sauvignon Blank while crunching and curling your toes in the warm upper layers and cool sub layers of sand is a magical feeling.  All your worries seem to fade away in an instant.  Well, the wine does help but the cool ocean breezes, early evening warmth and general feeling of well being amongst the general population doesn't hurt.

This brief stint of summer (long may it last!) has cost me a pretty penny in buying summer clothes, swimming costumes and summer weight PJ's for my little one.  None for mummy of course.  Boo hoo!  Seeing my daughter running around outside without 3 layers on and enjoying the beautiful hot weather is of course completely priceless.  My wish is that it would last for longer and be more consistent.  Luckily for my daughter she won't know any different and will simply accept that summer could potentially last for a total of 2 months per year (that could be total days combined).

The only option is to have as many summer holidays abroad as humanly and financially possible and, of course, enjoy every sun shiny British summer day to its absolute fullest!

Anyway, enjoy the sun everyone and remember to put on your suncream and drink enough water!


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